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My new account woochann is a bust.  So I am deactivating that account (after I transfer everything on over to my art community).  This one I will keep because I have some friends on here who I like to note every so often to say some things (like what's awesome on their page now-a-days.)

Don't expect this to be a regular occurrence (coming on here.)  I just do it every few months for the reason above.  As such, I am leaving the same journal as I did at woochann so you guy's can follow me at my different places.

Beware this is long.

*sigh* It's like I am doomed from the start.  I try and try to update DA, to come on here.  But I just can't call this place home anymore.  So here's the thing: don't expect any more updates. :T  DemonicEssence, Journye your commission and trade are in the process of being done.

Some may groan, and some may laugh, but I just feel like my mind/heart/and soul is taking me elsewhere.  Like I've said with the rest I may come back in a year or 2's time to do something with DA.  But right now, it just seems were on different wave links.  But really, don't count on it.

So with the new changes of DA come my new departure.  And don't expect a new one this time. :/  Seriously.  I may actually deactivate my account to make it final.  But for now it'll stay here until I decide what to do with it.  

DA is going places I just can't follow.  SO with that in mind here's where you can find me, and here's where you can't:


I've done everything I could/can to inform you of my LJ's existence (except maybe write it in blood...ow.)  So here's my last, and final time.  If you come over and join the party then SWEET, if not, then well, I guess I probably won't see you, or talk to you.  So have a good life, alright? (:

On my friend's only page please tell me who you are and I'll surely add you as quick as a whip! ♥


DO NOT COME ON LJ TO STALK.  I will surely add you back but that means I want someone who I can be in conversations with.  Stalking me is a no-no and if you plan to do that, please don't bother to add me.  You don't have to, but try and update your journal once a week.  It helps me keep up to date with your life (silly or otherwise).  I can't always comment right away but I do read it the moment I receive it.

I'm not one to push my beliefs on people, but sometimes, my view point is bound to express itself.  If you like to argue about silly things that we differ about (or large ones) don't watch me either.  I get it, we're different, but it's called common curtsy.

Try a little?  I know my life can be boring, and I can post some REALLY.  DUMB.  JOURNALS.  But try to be there for me even when you get nothing out of it.  I always found it funny how we'll avoid conversation with someone UNTIL they suddenly post a journal about free things.  I'm not doing free arts anymore unless it is a gift, but I hope my picture is painted.^^

Please know: That I don't want you to follow me on LJ because you feel obligated.  Because you're not.  If you really have a desire to be my friend OUTSIDE of art, and creative things.  Really DIG into my life, or just listen to be belch then go right a head and click the LJ button.  If not, then don't.  If you're so-so, try it out.  If it's not working for ya, at least you tried right? (:


This is my new community for my art.  It is a branch off of my LJ account.  I have been updating this LJ community with my art.  ALL of it.  It really is just a sketch blog mainly but if I post something NEW and riveting.  It's there.  Eventually...all the stuff found HERE will be moved THERE.  I've already updated my community with SKETCHES that I find the time to post. (:

Yeah everything comes with rules.  Sorry, I just like to lay the ground rules out so you know what you're getting.

Don't watch my personal LJ just to see my updates via my community.  Because that can be really annoying. :/  If you already own a LJ and just really want to be in it for my art, just watch my community NOT me.  Because I don't want a stalker.  If you want to see my art ONLY then go ahead and watch that community!  It'll be there for your pleasure of my arts.  

Critiques are well and good, but I'm not looking for them here.  I'm looking for people who enjoy my art, or who enjoy art and seeing new, undiscovered artist.  I'm not in it for money, and I'm not in it for fame.  I'm in it because I love it.  Doing art makes me happy, and because of that, I don't want grouchy, serious people to be looking at my art.  I want fun, happy, people who aren't afraid to make a joke!  I'm posting mainly SKETCHES guys, a critique kind of loses meaning on a sketch that isn't suppose to mean a whole lot.  And even if it does, I'm not really inclined to care (harsh but true). (:

Really.  I'm a real person.  I know I'm not FAMOUS or anything, but some of you do like my art (thanks!).  But I want to let you know there is a person behind the art.  So don't forget, be you, and that will allow me to be me.  If you are very uptight about stuff, I will tend to go in a box and be uptight as well.  If you're you, even if that is more serious, I won't feel so cramped or pushed into mandatory, default dialogue.  I'm silly, goofy, yet observant.  I know when you're faking and when you're not.  Comment with what YOU want to say, not what you THINK you should say.  


My graphics community.  Mainly icons. ♥

Are provided at my LJ community itself.  Awesome. ♥


This is where I post my wallpapers, and where I get my pretty, pretty scans for many different things (many for my viewing pleasure alone.)

Are provided at my minitokyo profile.  Woot. ♥


I have an MSN account, and a Yahoo one.  I don't use AOL IM anymore. :T  So you have those options.  I won't add you unless you tell me you are and WHO you are because I won't know and will most likely deny you.  Don't add me if you're going to ignore me on IM.

My IM's are pretty much always off.  I rarely go on them.  Sometimes I do (I've been going more on MSN lately.)  I just feel that if I'm doing something really important I don't want to bug you with slow responses.  And I don't get on when I'm watching something because I like to pay attention to what I'm watching. (:



**please note that if I have bought something from you, please inform me when it is shipped/ready/done at my e-mail address provided above (if you chose to do so).  If noted here, I will probably never receive it (the conformation/finishing comments).


→ DeviantART.  I think we've established that.
→ Twitter.  I don't do twitter.  And I never will.
→ Plurk.  It's twitter.
→ MangaBullet.  I tried it, and didn't like it.
→ Facebook.  I don't add people I don't know.  And plus...I'm not really into Facebook.
→ Any other social networks that do social things (other than LJ).
→ Like Myspace.
→ Youtube.  IDK some people really do own one.  I don't.
→ And pretty much anything else.  If I find a site I like, I'll be sure to tell my LJ since I don't come on here anymore.


RANNSAMA: I will try to continually fuel you with gifts because I luff your characters.  I'll most likely e-mail them to you (I've removed your e-mail address from my spam so I can receive comments easier!). ♥  Your work is my inspiration for a lot of things.  I love you, and your work.  You're so patient!  I know we're not "friends" per say but I'm glad to be enlisted in your group of, "talked to you at least once!".

NHEIRA: I know you don't follow me on this account, because our last goodbye via note (at hysterine) was very touching and good parting of ways via DA.  I will always support you, my good japanese friend.  May you succeed and prosper in life.  In your relationships, and in your heart.  You're battling a lot of demons, but I can see some pretty rock-hard angels in your midst.  Don't lose sight of them.

BLADE: It's like we've been here before, haven't we friend?  Haha, I promise I won't add anymore DA accounts to your watch list. (:  This is my last and final one.   I hope college is well (you're probably on break now!).  I know we haven't talked in awhile, so have a good life, kay? ♥  I'd feel safer knowing you're well and good than be left hanging.  I send my love to you as friend, a fellow artist, and as myself.  Your spoken, and unspoken words are meaningful to me.

I know I probably won't see you on LJ, and I don't do blogger anymore (since I'm back at LJ) but be safe! (:

TO MY FELLOW BROTHERS IN ARMS: To those who have stuck with me since the-moons-shadow, and to those who are new/newer.  I send my deepest gratitude for being a leg up when I was at my lowest.  Art has always been my bane and my joy.  My death and my life.  Whether I actually get a good job in my field or do it as a hobby on the side, take heart in knowing it'll always be by my side.  It's time we said goodbye.

To those who won't follow me anywhere: Have a good life, and safe travels.  And may your burdens be light, but your joy be strong.  Even when it seems like nothing is joyous.

To those who will: I look forward to seeing you!  I hope we will be friends for a long time to come.

To those who will forget I'm leaving DA and keep coming back to my page hoping: Hahaha, I love you.  But sadly, this is it.  I'm stead-fast.  And though I've been swayed two times before, this is the final scene.  And we're coming close to the credits.  Would you be a dear and shut off the lights for me?  And close the window, it's getting kind of drafty.  Lock my doors.  Lock her up tight.  And kiss her farewell.  It's time you moved, and it's time I moved.  She may become dingy, and she may become worn, but she'll stand strong.  Because we buried a part of our souls in her bricks.

For now, you'll see this page like it is.  But then one day, it won't be here anymore.  This message will be gone.  And so will I.  So save what you want (you can use my stuff for personal use, and for graphics so long as I'm credited as the artist, thanks.)  

Be safe.  Be happy.  And be content.  
This is cheesy.  
All of it is.
But sometimes, we need a little heart to our heartbeat. ♥
This is my final goodbye to you.
I said I wouldn't do it, but I'm giving you what you deserve.
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  • Drinking: and drinking my life juice.

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